Marvelous Pool Design offers many pool and spa related services.  Here is a list of a few of the services we offer.  Please contact us if you have any other pool related service needs in Los Angeles area.

Swimming Pool Plastering & Re-Plastering

Re-plastering your swimming pool is an important job – trust it to someone with experience and an outstanding reputation. We have been removing and replacing pool plaster for many years.


This is the biggest reason to use us for your swimming pool re-plastering

While most companies are still out there using jackhammers to remove your old pool plaster, we’re one of the very few in the country that uses our unique method. We have invested heavily into WATER BLASTING equipment to remove your old plaster. Water blasting is a significantly better method for removing the old plaster on your pool because it is precise. Jackhammers can remove too much of your pool’s structure and weaken it. Water blasting allows us to control the depth and accuracy of the plaster removal. Removing plaster with jackhammers weakens your structure which usually creates more work. It also may mean you have to re-plaster your pool too frequently.



Pool Remodel or Redesign

Looking to upgrade your pool and backyard? We have renewed and remodeled 100’s of swimming pools in Southern California. Let the remodeling pros at Marvelous Pool Design handle it, and you won’t be disappointed! We won’t only deliver a striking, classy pool, we’ll also remodel your backyard so that it matches the elegance of your pool.


Add levels to your pool to increase drama

Adding levels to your pool is a great way to beautify and dramatize your existing pool area. We’ve amazed lots of customers with our work by adding levels. The levels allow us to also add other features to your pool’s deck area.

Add Jacuzzi/Spa inside or outside your pool

You don’t have to get a whole new pool just to add a Jacuzzi or spa. We can use your existing pool to add a spa inside or outside of the pool. We’ve added spas to 100’s of different pools over the years. We can surely design a spa addition that will greatly enhance the beauty of your pool area and add the wonderful feature of a new spa too.

Add Water Features like waterfalls, fountains, and water slides to your swimming pool

Adding a water feature to your pool is a great way to add function and drama to your pool area. Everyone loves fountains, fountains, and water slides go a long way to set a wonderful mood for your backyard pool area. With just a few improvements to your pool area, you’ll enjoy your back yard much more!

Raise walls and enhance your pool deck’s hardscape

Raising the walls around your pool can add seating functionality and create a more beautiful pool area. We’ve helped 100’s of Southern California homeowners improve their pool area with hardscape improvements over the years.

If you’d like to arrange a no-obligation, no-cost appointment to review your options, give us a call at (818) 885-5753, or use our contact form.